Add Keywords, send auto-replies, and enable off-hours in Slack.

Welcome Message

In a welcome automation, SMS messages offer you a way to make a more immediate impact on new subscribers. Once enabled a welcome auto-reply message will be triggered the first time a customer messages you. An effective welcome SMS reaches out to new subscribers with the aim of:

  • Welcoming them to your brand for the first time after subscribing

  • Increasing engagement

Example: Hi <<customer name>>! We’re so excited that you’ve decided to reach out to us. You can expect to hear from us <<X>> times a month with special offers, product updates, and more. Text us at <<phone number>> if you have any questions.

To enable a welcome message navigate to your Clerk dashboard /clerk

Clerk Dashboard

Click on ⚙️ Settings

Clerk Settings

Click on 👋 Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Toggle enable the welcome message and type in your auto-response.


One of the best and easiest ways to grow your subscriber list is to create and promote an SMS keyword. All you have to do is decide what your keyword is, and then your customers can text it to your number to subscribe to future updates.

When you create a keyword, you’ll get the opportunity to write an auto response that gets sent to a subscriber after they’ve texted the keyword to your number.

Example: VITAMIN

Thank you for your interest in our vitamin shop. We can't wait to share the best deals with you. Text us anytime if you have questions.

Click on ⚙️ Settings

Clerk Settings

Click on Keywords and select your desired phone number.

Automation Modal

Create a 🏷️ New Keyword

Slack Automation Keywords

You can enable one or more keywords with the auto response message. Each keyword needs to be "," comma separated.

Editing Keywords

To edit an existing keyword navigate back to your Keywords settings, where you will see the list of existing keywords.

Edit Keywords

Note: The following keywords are carrier locked and cannot be changed: STOP, START, HELP.