Google Sheets Integration

Populating Your Google Sheet With Contacts

This article covers how to import contacts with a Google Spreadsheet Connector. It is very important to format your Spreadsheet correctly or the integration will not work. Use the following Google Spreadsheet Template as a starting point.

Make a Copy and Add To Your Google Drive

Name your contacts file and put it in your desired location in Google Drive.

Name Your Spreadsheet

Things To Note

  • Do not change the names of the header columns

  • Format your US or Canada phone numbers in the following way (###) ###-####

  • If you have an international numbers you can foromat them +##########

  • Sync between Slack and Google Sheets is NOT instantaneous, it can take up to a few minutes for the contacts to appear.

  • Each contact can belong to multiple groups. Just separate them with a comma. For example (NYC, SF).

Publish URL

Make sure to select Comma-separated values (.csv) file type and Automatically republish when changes are made.

Select Comma-separated values (.csv)

Copy the following URL as you will need it in the next step.

Copy the URL

Connecting Clerk to Google Sheets

Connecting your google contacts to Clerk is easy. There are a few steps to set it up Launch out your Clerk menu by typing /clerk and click on Integrations.

Click on Connect or Re-connect if you already tried connecting your Google Sheets.

Click on Connect

Paste the URL from the previous step.

*Note: If you are getting an error make sure that you have selected Comma-separated values (.csv) file type when publishing from Google Sheets.*

Click on Submit


If you are still having issues pulling your contacts from a google sheet there are a few things that you can check:

  • Make sure that First & Last Name are both populated. If they are missing in your GSheet, Clerk will skip importing those contacts.

  • Due to the limitation of Slack search, we suggest limiting your group character size to 10 characters.

  • Slack search is not ideal. When searching for a contact or a group do it one character at a time.