Google 2-Step Verification. Stronger security for your Google Account
To enable your Clerk number for two-step verification by Google please navigate to
Scroll down and select 2-Step Verification.
2-Step Verification
Add your Clerk Phone number by clicking on Add Phone
Add Phone
As a Clerk customer you have the option of verifying your Google account either via a virtual phone number (phone call) or natively with a non-VoIP phone number. For a full breakdown of the difference between the two refer to this support page.

Virtual Phone Number

By default when you provision a Clerk number in Slack you get a virtual number. This method of verification will work via our automated Call to text transcription.
How do you want to get codes? Make sure to select Phone call and click done.
Phone Call
When logging into your Google account select your Clerk phone number.
Try another way
Call your phone on file
Google verification code will appear inside of your Slack channel.
Google Verification code

Non-VoIP Phone Number

This method of activation will only work if you have successfully received a Non-VoIP phone number from Clerk. To request a non-voip number please reach out to [email protected]
How do you want to get codes? Make sure to select Text message and click done.
You will receive a notification in Slack:
Google Verification - Slack
If you are running into any issues or have questions please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and we will work with you to enable the provider.