Leveraging data for your team in Microsoft Teams.
Clerk gives your organization the ability to dive into powerful insights to help you better manage your workspace, your support lines and sales teams -- and everything in between. Available for workspace owners & administrators by default. Owners and administrators may give permission to managers and agents.
Available on unlimited and enterprise plans. To get started navigate to the 'Analytics' Tab
From this page you are able to check:
  • Total messages used, over a specified time period
  • Outgoing messages, and a time-interval 'growth rate'
  • Incoming messages, and a time-interval 'growth rate'
  • The average reply-rate to all incoming messages
Filter by inbox / phone number
  • Get analytics for your entire organization, by default
  • Drill-down data by team-member
    • Check who's a champion SMS sender and replier
    • Or maybe who needs some coaching
  • Drill-down data by inbox / phone number
    • Check which of your numbers are receiving the highest volume of messages
    • Check which numbers are suffering on reply-rates and increase your time-to-support
Download Reports
  • Available on unlimited and enterprise plans
  • Download your custom reports in CSV format