Send mass messages to your contacts with Clerk SMS and Clerk on MS Teams.
Campaigns allow you to reach out to multiple contacts at once. Send the same message to hundreds or thousands of your contacts in seconds.
The first step to sending a campaign is to create a Cohort. Cohorts define the segmentation (contact group) that is the target of your mass communication. SeeCohorts for more information on how to create one.
To send a new Campaign, click on the New Message Icon (+) in the top right corner of your conversations column. Type the name of the Cohort you want to send an SMS to.
Write your message in the text box at the bottom middle of your screen, then click on the fly/send button to send it to your contact.
After you send the Campaign, you will be able to manage it from your Campaign menu. Any inbound SMS from this cohort will appear in your conversation list.