Create contact gropes with Cohorts. This is our latest addition to the Clerk arsenal to manage your contacts and send Campaigns.

Create Cohorts

To create a cohort you need to have defined Custom Properties for your contacts. To create a Cohort, navigate to Contacts.
Go to Contacts
Select the Custom Property you want to use as a filter.
Chose your Filter
Apply a Custom Property as a filter. You can select multiple custom properties at the same time, just select the option Add a filter.
Choose Preferred Property Value from the Filter
Once you have filtered the contacts, select the option to Create a Cohort.
Click on Create Cohort from right top corner
Your Cohort will be displayed on the left panel. You can manage your cohort, rename it or remove it.
Rename Cohort according to your need or Filter name
You can now access all the contacts who are under the specific property filter that you added to your cohort and access their contact profile in nanoseconds.