CSV Import

Use CSV import to bring your all your contacts to Clerk.
If you are using a CRM or any other contact manager you can import your contacts using our powerful CSV Import tool. You can easily import a large number of contacts into Clerk using a .csv file, without the need to manually add your contacts one by one.
Most CRMs and Contact managers support CVS export. Just navigate to your settings, find the export option, and select export as CVS. A new file containing all your contacts will be created with the extension .cvs, you can use this file to import your contacts to Clerk.
To import a CSV file to Clerk, navigate to your Contacts and select the option to Import.
Navigate to the CSV import option and click on Connect.
Browse your computer and select your .cvs file.
Upload your .cvs file and click Continue.
Your contacts are now within Clerk, any additional information will be created as a Custom Property.