Add a personal touch to your communication using the Signature feature with Clerk SMS.
An additional customization feature for Clerk SMS, a signature is a short line of text you can use to personalize all your messages and it will be added to the end of the SMS messages you send. Let your contacts know it's you texting them.
The Signature is assigned to your Profile and can be activated and deactivated at any time.

Create your signature.

To create your signature navigate to Team Settings and select the Signature option.
Type your Signature in the text box and click on Save.
Hint: Keep it simple, your name and company - a few lines will do.
To edit your Signature just follow the steps above and click on Save.

Activate or Deactivate your signature

When you send a message to one of your contacts you have the option to toggle your custom signature on/off for that SMS.
To turn your signature on/off click on the Signature icon above the text box.
Hint: A purple icon means your signature is on and will be added to your SMS.