Use Filter to Find/Group Contacts

Use the Power of Filtering to Group your Contacts and Leverage Communication
When you save contacts and use different properties to define the status of the contacts. You can use the "Add Filter" option to group your contacts and send bulk SMS to that particular filtered group.
This is extremely powerful when you want to launch an SMS campaign or find the relevant contact. To filter your contacts, click on "Add Filter" and choose the primary filter (Property) you want to add.
Primary Filtered Properties
Property is the name of the property you assign to a contact
Value is the value of the property that is designed for the contact.
Now Click on the chosen filter again, and choose the secondary filter (Property Value) that you added previously (check Add/Update Contact & Properties).
Secondary Filtered Properties.
The best part is you can use multiple custom filters (both primary & secondary), to find your specified contacts. Thus, even if you have thousands of contacts, you can still find the ones you are exactly looking for.