Out of Office Auto-response

Set OOO Auto-response to notify everyone about your operating hours.
To Setup your auto response click on "Workflows" in your Clerk webapp.
Create A New Out of Office Auto-response
To set your OOO auto response click on "Create A New Workflow" from top right corner of the Workflows page
Rename your workflow by clicking on the dropdown shown on the image below.
Drag the "True/False Brach" from the right hand side bar and drop it below "Trigger" (see image)
Drag & Drop
View after Dropping the Flow Control
Now click on "True/False Branch" choose "Time Frame" under "Condition" and set your operating hour & time zone & click "Save". (see image)
From the right hand panel drag the "Send Message" box and drop on the purple plus sign under "False".
Drag & Drop
View After Dropping Send Message
Click on "Send Message" and write your out of office message on the "Message" box. Click "Save" to save the message. Finally click on "Save workflow" to save the entire workflow that you just created. (see images)
The final step is to assign your phone number on the newly created Workflow. If you have more than 1 phone number, choose your desired "Inbox/Number" from the dropdown.
Choose Inbox / Number to Activate OOO Auto-response on that Number