Most frequently asked questions from Clerk customers

How Does Clerk Free Trial Work?

Clerk is free to use with 10 SMS per month and renews once per month. You can use this plan for as long as you like as long as you are within that particular limit. Under the free plan, Clerk phone number is elastic and will be released every few weeks.

Can I Send More Than 1,000 Messages?

Absolutely. Our professional plan is limited to 1,000 SMS which is enough for the majority of business use cases. If you require more, we can leverage a custom plan that can be over 1000 SMS, or you can purchase bulk SMS packs that would increase your limit.

Please reach out to the team at [email protected] and we will work with you to set up a plan that fits your business needs.

What if someone calls my Clerk phone number?

If your Clerk number is SMS Only, it only supports text messages. If someone tries to call your Clerk SMS only number by default the call will be dropped and nothing will happen.

We have a number of other add-ons that would allow you to either call forward to a different number or enable full voice capabilities.

For a list of all add-ons please refer to our website: https://clerk.chat/#addons

What countries do you support?

We natively support the following countries: - 🇺🇸United States - 🇨🇦Canada - 🇬🇧United Kingdom

The majority of other countries are also supported but would have to be enabled manually by the Clerk team. Please reach out to our support team with your requested number.

Can I Port My Toll-free Number To Use For Text Messaging?

Absolutely. Once you’ve ported your toll-free phone number into Clerk it will be enabled for sending and receiving SMS messages.

Is Clerk HIPAA and PHIPA Compliant?

Even though we strive to ensure the latest standards and security, we are not HIPAA and PHIPA compliant at this time but we are working on getting the certification.

When does my SMS limit reset?

SMS count resets on the first day of the month.

What is the character limit for SMS text messages?

The maximum number of characters per single message being sent to carriers depends on the encoding used, and the encoding used depends on the content of the message. Refer to our SMS Limits doc for a detailed breakdown.

What are the maximum file sizes for MMS messages for the major carriers in the US?

  • ATT: 1MB

  • Verizon: 1.5MB

  • Sprint: 2MB

  • T-Mobile: 1MB

The file sizes above will generally be passed along to the wireless carriers. However, due to differences in handsets, file types, and transcoding, we recommend you send attachments no larger than 5 MB to ensure the best chance of delivery.

Is there a way to block incoming SMS on my Clerk phone number?

Yes. Just add the phone number to the Do Not Disturb List.