Text Messaging (SMS/MMS)

Sending SMS in Slack is seamless using Clerk.

We have built Clerk with clear intentionality: you should never have to leave Slack to have an elegant SMS experience. We have no external apps, everything is managed right in Slack. In fact, we’ve obsessed over Slack’s user experience so much that we have designed Clerk to imitate a mobile phone experience as much as possible.

To send an SMS in Slack navigate to the clerk dashboard by typing /clerk in your channel and pressing enter. You will be presented with the Clerk dashboard.

Clerk Dashboard

Send a text message

  1. To send your SMS click on 📱Send Text.

Send SMS in Slack

Note: If you haven't connected your address book you'll be able to just type in the phone number. Once connected you'll be able to flip between number or contact input by clicking on Use Phone Number or Send to Contact respectively.

2. Select which channel you'd like the reply to go to. By default the drop down should default to the channel you are in.

3. Type your message and click on Send.

Note: Power users can send messages quickly right in the channel by typing send #phone-number message

example: send 4159436084 Hello 😃 Thank you for reaching out to Clerk Support.

Replying to a text message

All clerk SMS conversations are Slack threaded. Threads let you have client conversations without adding clutter to the main slack channel, and help make discussions easier to keep track of.

Note: All communication to the individual phone number live inside of the Slack 💬 thread.

New Inbound Message

To continue the conversation click on 1 reply and you will be taken to the Slack 💬 thread. Simply Reply... back and forth with your contact to continue the conversation.

Slack Thread - Conversation With Your Contact

Keep in mind that any time you reply in a thread your contact will receive that message. Any conversation that you have in the "Slack Channel" is

Note: New messages are automatically 📌 Pinned. If you reply Clerk automatically unpins the message. This is a friendly way of knowing if there are any outstanding messages that you need to reply to. If you are done with the conversation you can also manually unpin the message.

📳 Message Successfully Sent

✔️Message Successfully Received