Make and receive audio calls in Microsoft Teams with Clerk.
Clerk integrates natively into Microsoft Teams for a seamless phone experience. Make and receive audio calls in the app you use every day. This cloud-based phone system has advanced features including call transfer, multilevel auto attendants, and call queues.
To call a number, go to Calls, and type the number or the name of your contact.
You can also use the dialpad like a typical phone
Once you have entered the number or name, just select the Call option. To make group calls, enter multiple names and/or numbers, and click Call.
To access your actions during a call, select the More Actions menu. There are several actions available:
  • Hold: Places the call on hold, click on Resume to continue the call.
  • Transfer: Assigns the call to another team member.
  • Consult then transfer: Places the call on hold while you speak with a team member first, then transfers the call.
  • Turn on live captions: Enables CCs for a better calling experience.
  • Start transcription: Enables text record for the call.
Your call history is located in the center of the Calls experience and shows a list of past calls (including missed calls).