Setting up Voicemail

Review your voicemail, manage summaries and transcripts in Microsoft Teams with Clerk.
Clerk integrates natively into Microsoft Teams for a seamless phone experience. To set up your voicemail, navigate to the Settings option in the top right corner.
Under Settings, select the Calls option and click on Configure voicemail.
In the Voicemail menu there are several actions available:
  • Record a greeting: Allows you to record a greeting for your voicemail. When a call goes to voice mail this is the prerecorded answer the caller will hear.
  • Call answer rules: Allows you to select the behavior when a call goes to voice mail.
  • Greeting language: Allows you to select the default greeting language.
Additionally, you can create a custom text-to-speech customized out of office greeting and select when this greeting will be activated.