Clients need to send and ensure the below mentioned information to proceed with the activation
To initiate the activation procedure, we will require the following from you.
  • Clients Facebook Business ID. You will get it on Facebook Business Manager.
  • Check if your business is verified on FB Business Manager or not. If not then follow the process below to verify your business on FB Business Manager.
    • Verify Facebook Business Manager account - Go to FB Business Manager Settings > Security Center (click here) and click to start Business Verification
    • It takes 7-14 business days for Facebook to review and verify your account.
  • Send 2-3 outbound WhatsApp templates to us.
  • Make sure these templates are written exactly the way you want the messages to be sent to your clients/leads. These are required when initiating an outbound WhatsApp conversation with clients/leads.
FB Business Manager Invite
After we initiate the activation process, within a few days you will get an invitation to approve/activate WhatsApp on your FB Business Manager. Follow the image below to find the invite and approve it.


It is a mandatory requirement from WhatsApp's end to provide 2-3 WhatsApp templates. Provide these templates to us when we initiate the activation process.
Use Case
You will have to use these templates to continue a conversation with a lead, that you previously talked with but did not engage in conversation for more than 24 hours. So, when you want to send them another message after 24 hours, you need to use a template to resume the conversation.
You have to follow the template letter by letter, word by word, and punctuation by punctuation when you start the conversation after 24 hours of your interaction. Otherwise, your message will get blocked.
Sample Templates
  • Hello {{Firstname}}
  • Hi {{Firstname}}, hope you are doing well.
Note: If you have not conversed with a contact in the last 24 hours, and looking to initiate an outbound message, you have to use one of the predefined templates to resume the conversation.


It will take approximately 2-3 weeks to activate a new or existing WhatsApp for Business Number