Google Sheets Integration
Importing contacts to Slack from Google Sheets.

Populating Your Google Sheet With Contacts

This article covers how to import contacts with a Google Spreadsheet Connector. We've made the connection seamless and secure for the users.
Navigate to clerk Dashboard by typing clerkand pressing Enter.
Click on the πŸ““ Contacts
Clerk Dashboard
Click on πŸ“ Import Contacts
Import Contacts
Under Google Sheets click on Import
Import Google Sheets
Authenticate with Google by selecting your account
Select Your Google Account
Allow a secure access to a GSheet File
Confirm Access
Add Contacts
Clerk Contacts - Google Sheet


    firstname: First Name
    lastname: Last Name
    phone: Phone Number
    groups: cohorts of users (used in bulk sms)
      Each contact can belong to multiple groups.
      Just separate them with a comma. For example (NYC, SF).
Note: To make sure your contacts are synced back into Slack format the google sheet as indicated in the example below.
(456) 789-1011
sf, nyc
(212) 456-3456
Note: Do NOT change the names of the header columns
Phone Numbers: Format your phone numbers in any of the following ways:
    (###) ###-####

Syncing Contacts

Clerk uses a pull mechanism to sync the contacts from your existing data source with Slack. Once connected and contacts have been added to your google sheet you need to explicitly:
πŸ”„ Re-Sync Contacts
Re-Sync Contacts
Note: Depending on how large your contact list is the sync process can take a few minutes.
Once completed you will get a notification message inside of your Slack channel.
Contact Sync Complete

Open Google Sheet

You can access the created google sheet in two different ways.
Google Drive and open Clerk Contacts google sheet.
Google Drive
Clerk Address Book
Clerk Address Book


If you are still having issues pulling your contacts from a google sheet there are a few things that you can try:
    Force re-sync your contacts from the Address Book modal.
    Make sure that First & Last Name are both populated. If they are missing in your GSheet, Clerk will skip importing those contacts.
    Due to the limitation of Slack search, we suggest limiting your group character size to 10 characters.
    Slack search is not ideal. When searching for a contact or a group do it one character at a time.
    If you are still having issues please reach out to our support team at [email protected]​
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