Get a Phone Number

Choose your Clerk phone number in Slack
Click on 📞 New Number
Clerk Phone Number Types

Get a New Number

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    Select Country
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    Select State
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    Select Area code
You will get suggestions on all the available numbers. From there choose your desired number and click Choose Number.
Note: Not all area codes are available. For example, the 212 area code is highly desirable and rarely available. Select an alternative area code in your area.
To get a New Number you need to upgrade to one of our subscription plans. Now, select your desired plan
Complete your payment & you are all set to use your new number directly in slack.
Your phone number is now active in Slack

Bring Your Own Number

Clerk supports importing existing phone numbers from all carriers. You can either choose to port your number to Clerk or host just the SMS portion of the number. Clerk supports native integrations with Twilio, RingCentral, Zoom, and other carriers.
Connect Carrier

Twilio Number

Refer to the documentation on connecting your Twilio account to Clerk.


VoIP or Landline phone number activation can range from immediate to a few days. Refer to our documentation on enabling sms with your existing carrier for the details.
Your phone number is now active in Slack
To send your first message, refer to our documentation on getting started.