Channel Settings
Configure your Slack channel settings and set your default Clerk phone number.

Setting Default Chanel

The first time you install Clerk the default channel is set to #clerk-sms. Any new inbound conversations get posted to that channel. You can easily configure any other channel to be your default one. Once updated all new inbound sms would go to that channel.
Assuming you have invited clerk into your channel (/invite @clerk) bring out your Clerk menu (/clerk):
Clerk Dashboard
Click on
Slack Channel
Toggle Make Default Channel
Note: This setting only affects any new inbound sms. Existing conversations always default to their original threads.

Associate Phone Numbers With a Slack Channel

If you have multiple phone numbers and need to update the association of the channel to a phone number you can do so in the channel settings as well. Once updated the Slack channel would then receive SMS on the associated phone numbers.
Associate Phone Numbers With Slack Channel
Note: Existing conversations always default to their original threads. Once a thread is created, Clerk will always post to that thread until it is deleted.
Last modified 8mo ago