Slack SMS Workflows

Workflows are automated multi-step tasks or processes. With Clerk you can now send SMS as part of your Slack workflow.
Workflows can run right in Slack, or connect with other tools and services. Any member of a Slack workspace on a paid plan can use Workflow Builder to create custom workflows. With this workflow, your team can quickly send SMS and bulk SMS all without leaving Slack.
A few uses for this workflow:
  • Sales: Sending Bulk SMS to new sales opportunities
  • Support: Sending SMS to customers all in Slack
  • Reminders: Trigger SMS notification reminders

Create a workflow

Workflows are channel specific. Click on the and select "Open Workflow Builder"
Lightning Shortcut
Workflow Builder

Choose a trigger

The trigger you pick for your workflow determines how it will start. Workflows are channel-specific, and can only be used in the channel you choose. Depending on your business need select the appropriate trigger.
Slack Workflow Triggers


Trigger an SMS notification to all employees every Monday at 8 am.
Scheduled date & time
Select Workflow Step
Troubleshooting: If you do not see Send SMS and Bulk SMS steps you are running an older version of Clerk. Please re-install the app by navigating to and clicking on Add To Slack.
Bulk SMS - Slack Workflow Step
Select your Group and type your message. Once you are done click Save.
Publish Your Workflow
You are all set. Bulk SMS will now trigger every Monday at 8 am.
Reference: For more information check out Slack Workflows Documentation

Workflow Examples

Send a scheduled SMS reminder - send an automated group SMS every Friday at 3:00 PM asking all employees to submit their timesheets.
Download Example
Trigger an SMS from a webhook - send an automated SMS by hitting Slack webhook URL. Pass in phone number and the message as variables.
Download Example