Enable Twilio Account

Either bring your existing Twilio number, or choose your own, and immediately give your business line superpowers inside Slack.

Enabling Your Twilio Number in Slack

Once you add Clerk to your Slack workspace you will be presented with the following option:
Click Here To Get Started
Bring Your Number
Select Twilio
Enter Your Twilio Credentials
Twilio - Account Credentials
Note: Make sure to use your primary Twilio Credentials. Secondary keys will NOT work due to Twilio limitation.
Select Phone Number
You are now ready to send your first SMS!
Send Text
Note: To import multiple Twilio numbers please reach to [email protected]

Getting Your Twilio Credentials

Yes, our Twilio Integration is only available on the API Plan. Please reach out to [email protected] with the following pieces of information to activate your Twilio account:
  • Twilio Auth Token
  • Twilio Account SID
  • The phone number you’d like to associate Clerk with.
You can find the above information in your Twilio Dashboard: https://www.twilio.com/console