Refund Policy

7 day money back guarantee

Unnamed Ventures LLC will issue a full refund for plans purchased within 7 calendars days from their time of purchase. This refund is contingent on respecting the full terms & conditions. Any violation of the terms & conditions will revoke the ability for a refund e.g. spamming, fraud, abuse of systems etc. Specific to our unlimited plan, refunds are on a case-by-case basis due to abuse of the fair use policy. To be clear, any usage that is deemed to be "one-time marketing campaigns" will not be eligible for refunds. Full refunds for annual subscriptions are also eligible for the 7-day money back guarantee.
Pro-rata refunds for annual subscriptions will be issued until the 30th calendar day. Thereafter, refunds are not applicable.
Note: We will never make exceptions in cases in which the user has violated our Terms of Service.

Canceling Your Clerk Subscription

If you would like to cancel your Clerk subscription you can do so by following the steps here. If you cancel your subscription, we will hold your number for you for no less seven (7) days, at which point we will release your number.
If you'd like to port your number away from Clerk to another service, please let us know and we will hold onto the number for you throughout the porting process. You can learn more about porting out your Clerk number here.

Missed/Failed Payment

In the case of a missed or failed payment, we will attempt to charge the card on file three (3) times before canceling your subscription. You will receive a follow-up email and text message from us notifying you of the missed payment.
If you'd like to keep your account active but are unable to make a payment, please let us know immediately. In certain cases, we'll be able to freeze your subscription for up to two (2) months. Failure to update your billing will result in your subscription being canceled.

Violation of Terms of Service

If your account is found to have violated our Terms of Service, we will cancel your account and we will not be issuing you a refund.
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