Release Notes

Clerk release notes highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s the latest.


  • Inbox: Search for and view all of your account's text message threads. Filter conversations based on set tags.


  • SMS Threading Revamp: Conversations with phone numbers / contacts will now always persist in the same thread no matter how you initiate the message. The entire conversation history with the contact will live in the same Slack thread.

  • Contact Name: Clerk now automatically updates thread name with contact name once a contact has been added to the address book.

  • Notifications: You can now assign users and channels to receive notifications for new inbound SMS. Once a user is assigned they will get a direct message from Clerk about an inbound sms.

  • Ticketing System: Create tickets, assign status, priority, and notes to your inbound requests.


  • Do Not Disturb: Add phone numbers to the block list. Any messages coming in from those numbers will be blocked.

  • Slack Workflows (Update): Ability to pass in contact name into the phone number field and ability to pass in a channel name.

  • Google Sheets oAuth Flow: Users are now able to connect a google sheet to import contacts via oAuth. The URL is completely private and secure.


  • Slack Workflows: Users are now able to add Clerk Send SMS and Bulk SMS steps to their Slack workflows.


  • Voicemail: Let your customers leave you a voicemail right in Slack

  • Automation: Add Keywords, send auto-replies, and enable off-hours


  • Call Forwarding: Redirect a telephone call to another phone number

  • Settings Modal: Dedicated Slack modal to manage your Clerk settings


  • Address Book: Fully functional address book all inside of Slack. Add & Edit contacts. Create new groups.


  • Onboarding Tutorial: Onboarding tutorial on how to get up and running with Clerk.


  • Inbox: List all unread/read messages. Search for old threads via contact name or a phone number


  • Importing Contacts: Import contacts from popular CRMs such as Google Contacts, Hubspot, and Google Sheets. We now support over 10,000 contacts.

  • Rollover SMS: Running low on SMS this month? You can now purchase 500 additional SMS. These messages roll over each month.


  • Clerk Customer Portal: Access and update your billing information, view past invoices, update credit card information.


  • Bug Fixes: Random bug fixes and UI improvements.

  • Improved Install Flow: Auto-create clerk-sms channel when installing Clerk for the first time.


  • Google Sheets integration: Connect a google sheet and use it to sync your contacts. Gsheets make it easy to import a CSV from an outside platform.

  • Updated App Name via CallerID: Instead of the app name header Clerk you will now see your contact’s CallerID Information. This makes it for a much smoother viewing experience.

  • Clean Notifications: Slack Clerk notifications no longer show Content can’t be displayed. You will see the preview of the actual message.

  • Outbound MMS support: You can now send images directly from Slack. Standard image file types are support (jpeg, png, gif)

  • Auto-create Slack channel permissions: The onboarding process is now much simpler. Clerk can create a channel automatically making it much simpler to setup.


  • Google Contacts integration: Google Contacts, the address book built into Gmail, lets you keep track of all your contacts, and more. Sync your contacts directly into Slack.

  • Hubspot integration: HubSpot is your all-in-one stop for all of your marketing software needs. Sync your contacts directly into Slack.

  • Updated UI: Much improved viewing experiencing of your Clerk message output. The message information is streamlined and easier to see and navigate.