Release Notes

Clerk release notes highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s the latest.


  • Archive / Un-Archive SMS: Archive/Un-Archive SMS on Teams & WebApp
  • Read / Unread SMS: Mark any SMS as read/unread on Teams & WebApp to avoid confusion among team members


  • .CSV Uploader: Upload .csv files and map your contacts directly into Clerk.
  • UI Improvements: Minor UI improvements and cleanups.


  • Teams Mobile Notifications: Mobile notifications are now enabled for iOS and Android devices.
  • Bug Fixes: Multiple bug fixes and UI cleanups.


  • Teams Switcher: Users can now switch between multiple Clerk accounts.
  • Bug Fixes: Multiple bug fixes and UI cleanups.


  • Delete Users: Admins can now easily remove users from their team directly in the Clerk UI.


  • Snippets: Save predefined message snippets for reuse across your team.
  • Templates: Pass-in Clerk property values as part of the message. Properties automatically get substituted with values and added to your outbound message.


  • SMS Campaigns: Create a cohort and Send SMS to hundreds or thousands of contacts at the same time.


  • Select / Multi-Select: Users can now edit and delete select and multi-select properties.


  • Shopify Integration: Connect your Shopify store and sync contacts directly into Clerk


  • Contact System: Clerk Slack app now has a brand new contact system.


  • User Roles: Assign user roles and different permissions to team members in your workspace.
  • Inbox Assignment: You can now assign team members to different inboxes.
  • Public/Private Inboxes: Inboxes can now be private or public with different permission structure.


  • Activity Feed: User activity is now tracked and visible to the team in the activity feed.
  • Salesforce Connector: Connect your Salesforce account and sync contacts into Clerk.


  • Scheduled Messages: You can now schedule messages right in the Clerk UI.


  • Ui / Bug Fixes: UI improvements and minor bug fixes.


  • API Rewrite: Complete overhaul of the Clerk API to make the application faster, less prone to bugs, and much more streamlined.
  • UI Cleanup:
    • Send SMS and SMS Campaigns can now be sent from a single unified Slack modal.
    • Ability to select From number from the send modal
    • CallerID for WhatsApp messages is now clean and optimized for Slack UI.
    • MFA verification codes are now presented in a more simplified way.
    • Easy way of associating a number to a channel.
  • Simplified Onboarding: When you install Clerk for the first time you get a temporary number and can start testing the app in seconds. When ready you can import your existing number or activate a new one right in Slack.
  • Purchase New Numbers: You can now purchase additional VoIP, Non-VoIP or Twilio numbers right from the Clerk Dashboard in Slack.


  • Direct SMS Channels: Long awaited and requested feature. Clerk supports sending and receiving SMS in shared channels or direct channels with the phone numbers. We see this as a huge benefit for companies who have a lot of repeat customers or ongoing clients. Each client or customer can have its own communication channel, making it even easier to send and receive SMS from Slack and making it easier to keep track of that client internally. Read full blog on this release.


  • Send SMS Modal: You now do NOT need to switch between phone number and contact name. The input dialog box supports search with either option.


  • Cleanup: Bug fixes and UI improvements.


  • Cleanup: Clerk now informs users when they try to send an sms to a customer whose conversation lives in another channel. User has the option of updating the slack channel for the conversation.


  • UI Cleanup: Do not show the status & priority in the notification message if they are not set by the user.
  • Bug Fixes: Bug fixes and overall improvements.


  • Inbox: Search for and view all of your account's text message threads. Filter conversations based on set tags.


  • SMS Threading Revamp: Conversations with phone numbers / contacts will now always persist in the same thread no matter how you initiate the message. The entire conversation history with the contact will live in the same Slack thread.
  • Contact Name: Clerk now automatically updates thread name with contact name once a contact has been added to the address book.
  • Notifications: You can now assign users and channels to receive notifications for new inbound SMS. Once a user is assigned they will get a direct message from Clerk about an inbound sms.
  • Ticketing System: Create tickets, assign status, priority, and notes to your inbound requests.


  • Do Not Disturb: Add phone numbers to the block list. Any messages coming in from those numbers will be blocked.
  • Slack Workflows (Update): Ability to pass in contact name into the phone number field and ability to pass in a channel name.
  • Google Sheets oAuth Flow: Users are now able to connect a google sheet to import contacts via oAuth. The URL is completely private and secure.


  • Slack Workflows: Users are now able to add Clerk Send SMS and Bulk SMS steps to their Slack workflows.


  • Voicemail: Let your customers leave you a voicemail right in Slack
  • Automation: Add Keywords, send auto-replies, and enable off-hours


  • Call Forwarding: Redirect a telephone call to another phone number
  • Settings Modal: Dedicated Slack modal to manage your Clerk settings


  • Address Book: Fully functional address book all inside of Slack. Add & Edit contacts. Create new groups.


  • Onboarding Tutorial: Onboarding tutorial on how to get up and running with Clerk.


  • Inbox: List all unread/read messages. Search for old threads via contact name or a phone number


  • Importing Contacts: Import contacts from popular CRMs such as Google Contacts, Hubspot, and Google Sheets. We now support over 10,000 contacts.
  • Rollover SMS: Running low on SMS this month? You can now purchase 500 additional SMS. These messages roll over each month.


  • Clerk Customer Portal: Access and update your billing information, view past invoices, update credit card information.


  • Bug Fixes: Random bug fixes and UI improvements.
  • Improved Install Flow: Auto-create clerk-sms channel when installing Clerk for the first time.


  • Google Sheets integration: Connect a google sheet and use it to sync your contacts. Gsheets make it easy to import a CSV from an outside platform.
  • Updated App Name via CallerID: Instead of the app name header Clerk you will now see your contact’s CallerID Information. This makes it for a much smoother viewing experience.
  • Clean Notifications: Slack Clerk notifications no longer show Content can’t be displayed. You will see the preview of the actual message.
  • Outbound MMS support: You can now send images directly from Slack. Standard image file types are support (jpeg, png, gif)
  • Auto-create Slack channel permissions: The onboarding process is now much simpler. Clerk can create a channel automatically making it much simpler to setup.


  • Google Contacts integration: Google Contacts, the address book built into Gmail, lets you keep track of all your contacts, and more. Sync your contacts directly into Slack.
  • Hubspot integration: HubSpot is your all-in-one stop for all of your marketing software needs. Sync your contacts directly into Slack.
  • Updated UI: Much improved viewing experiencing of your Clerk message output. The message information is streamlined and easier to see and navigate.
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