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@January 9, 2023
AI Autocomplete
Introducing the feature that reads your mind (well, kind of)! When you click the “brain” icon, this handy tool will present you with suggested words and phrases based on your previous input, saving you time and effort.
@December 24, 2022
Member Panel
Looking for a better way to organize your team? Introducing our Member Panel, the ultimate tool for managing roles and assigning phone numbers / inboxes. You’ll also be able to add or remove members with ease.
@December 13, 2022
Check off your to-do list by setting up a Workflow - the power to create custom automated replies, making even complex tasks seem effortless. Plus, you can assign workflows to each inbox, giving you control over how your team operates.
@December 5, 2022
Team Info Settings
Whether you’re in a corporate setting or a small company, you can now customize your team’s name and avatar quickly with the Team Info Settings feature. Plus, all changes sync across devices so everyone on the team stays up-to-date.
@December 1, 2022
Custom Signature
Looking for an easy way to end a text? Our Custom Signature feature is the perfect way to personalize your SMS messages while staying organized and professional. An added bonus is that if you share an inbox with multiple team members, clients will know the message came specifically from you.
@November 9, 2022
Archive/Unarchive SMS & Read/Unread SMS
Gone are the days of searching through an inbox full of texts to find what you're looking for. Our product provides an easy and efficient way to store, manage, and organize your messages. Included is the ability to mark any message as read/unread so that everyone on the team knows the status.
@November 3, 2022
.CSV Uploader / UI Improvements
Clerk's .csv Uploader is the perfect tool for quickly and easily mapping your contacts. It reads data from your CSV file and maps all of your information into Clerk. You won't have to worry about lost data.
@November 2, 2022
Teams Mobile Notifications / Bug Fixes
Are you looking for a way to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings on your team? With Mobile Notifications, you'll always be in the loop.
@October 3, 2022
Teams Switcher / Bug Fixes
Juggle different teams and projects on a daily basis? Now you can seamlessly transition between multiple accounts with ease. This feature saves valuable time while also boosting productivity.
@September 21, 2022
Delete Users
With just a few clicks, you can now quickly and conveniently remove users from your team with ease. Not only does this save time, but it also streamlines the process significantly.
@September 14, 2022
Snippets & Templates
Quickly create and save effective messages to be reused at your convenience. Whether you're sending out customer notifications or following up with leads, we’ve got you covered!
@September 8, 2022
SMS Campaigns
Create a cohort of contacts, craft your message, hit send, and you're done! SMS campaigns are an incredibly powerful tool for engaging with your contacts quickly and effectively.
@September 1, 2022
Select / Multi-Select
With the added ability to edit select and multi-select properties, there's no limit to what you can accomplish with this tool.
@August 29, 2022
Shopify Integration
You can now connect your Shopify store and sync your contacts into our platform. Improve customer and data management and enhance your marketing efforts.
@August 18, 2022
Contact System
Easily add, manage, and communicate with your contacts within the Clerk Slack app. Additionally, you are able to import your contacts, create and organize contact groups, and send direct messages or group conversations with contacts.
@August 17, 2022
User Roles and Inbox Customization
You can now assign user roles and different permissions to team members in your workspace, and assign team members to different inboxes, which can be either private or public, and each type can have a different permission structure. This allows you to customize the access and responsibilities of each team member in your workspace.
@August 8, 2022
Activity Feed / Salesforce Connector
Tracking user activity and making it visible to a team can provide increased accountability, improved collaboration, and enhanced visibility.
Connecting your Salesforce account and syncing contacts in the platform can also centralize your data management and streamline your workflow.
@August 1, 2022
Scheduled Messages
Plan and organize your communication in advance by scheduling messages. Managing projects or working with people in different time zones? Ensure your messages are delivered at the most convenient times.
@July 14, 2022
UI / Bug Fixes
We’ve spruced up the appearance and squashed some pesky bugs.
@March 14, 2022
API Rewrite
We’ve made major updates to the Clerk API to improve the performance and stability of the application, making it faster, less prone to bugs, and more streamlined for our users.
UI Cleanup
You can now:
  • send SMS and SMS campaigns from a single Slack modal,
  • and choose the number you want to send from in the modal.
WhatsApp messages now have a cleaner CallerID that’s optimized for Slack’s user interface.
Verification codes are displayed in a simpler way.
It’s easy to associate a number with a channel.
Simplified Onboarding
Clerk’s onboarding process is quick and easy. When you first install the app, you’ll receive a temporary number to use while testing it. When you’re ready, you can import your existing number or activate a new one right in Slack.
Purchase New Numbers
You can now buy more VoIP, non-VoIp, or Twilio numbers from the Clerk dashboard in Slack.
@November 18, 2021
Direct SMS Channels
The highly anticipated and requested feature of Clerk allowing for the sending and receiving of SMS in shared or direct channels with phone numbers has finally been released. This is a major advantage for businesses with numerous returning clients or ongoing projects. Each client or customer can now have their own communication channel, making it more convenient to send and receive SMS through Slack and streamlining the tracking of client interactions within the company. For more information about this release, see the full blog post.
@October 28, 2021
Send SMS Modal
It is no longer necessary to switch between phone number and contact name. The input dialog box now allows for search by either option.
@September 8, 2021
We're sprucing up the UI and squashing those pesky bugs like the superheroes we are!
@August 26, 2021
Conversation Notifications
It’s time to get organized! Now, when you try to send an SMS to a customer whose conversation is in another channel, you will be notified and given the option to update the Slack channel for this conversation.
@August 17, 2021
UI Spring Cleaning in the Summer
We are scrubbing away the cobwebs and giving our interface a fresh shine!
Do not display the status and priority in the notification message if the user has not set them.
@June 3, 2021
Easily find and view all the text message threads associated with your account. You can also filter conversations using tags.
@May 23, 2021
SMS Threading Revamp
No matter how you start the conversation, all messages with a phone number or contact, and conversation history, will now always stay in the same thread.
Contact Name
Once a contact has been added to the address book, Clerk will automatically update the thread name with the contact's name.
You can now assign users and channels to receive notifications for new inbound SMS. Once a user is assigned, they will receive a direct message from Clerk about the incoming SMS.
Ticketing System
Easily create tickets and add status, priority, and notes to your incoming requests.
@April 19, 2021
Do Not Disturb / Workflows / Google Sheets oAuth Flow
Don't want to be disturbed? Simply add phone numbers to the block list, and any messages from those numbers will be blocked. We've also updated Slack Workflows to allow you to input a contact name into the phone number field and a channel name. Lastly, need to import contacts? Connect to a Google Sheet using oAuth and easily import your contacts. Rest assured that the URL is completely private and secure.
@March 2, 2021
Slack Workflows
SMS power at your fingertips! Now you can add Clerk Send SMS and Bulk SMS steps to your Slack workflows.
@January 25, 2021
Voicemail & Automation
Easily allow your customers to leave you a voicemail right within Slack. Plus, use automation to add keywords, send automatic replies, and enable off-hour responses.
@January 10, 2021
Call Forwarding / Settings Modal
Need to redirect a call to another phone number? Call Forwarding has got you covered. And, check out the Settings Modal - a dedicated Slack window to manage all your Clerk settings in one place.
@December 25, 2020
Address Book
Keep all your contacts organized and at your fingertips with the fully functional address book within Slack. Easily add and edit contacts and create new groups.
@December 20, 2020
Onboarding Tutorial
Ready to get started? Check out our onboarding tutorial to learn how to get up and running with Clerk.
@December 10, 2020
View a list of all your unread/read messages, and search for old conversations using a contact's name or phone number.
@October 18, 2020
Importing Contacts / Rollover SMS
Easily import your contacts from popular CRM platforms like Google Contacts, Hubspot, and Google Sheets. Our platform now supports importing over 10,000 contacts.
Running out of SMS this month? No problem - now you can purchase 500 extra SMS. These messages will carry over to the next month, so you'll always have enough to stay connected.
@September 26, 2020
Clerk Customer Portal
Now you can easily access and update billing info, past invoices, and credit card authorizations, in one place
@August 20, 2020
Improved Install Flow
We've made some random, but much-needed, improvements to the UI and fixed some pesky bugs! You can now text like a pro - our installation process automatically sets up a new SMS channel for you!
@June 30, 2020
Google Sheets Integration
Easily sync your contacts by connecting to a Google Sheet! You can even import a CSV from another platform using the handy tools in Sheets. No more manual entry or outdated lists - keep your contact info fresh and up-to-date with just a few clicks.
Updated App Name via CallerID
The app has been updated for a better viewing experience by showing your contact's caller ID information instead of the header "Clerk.”
Slack notifications will now show a preview of the actual message instead of the text: Content can't be displayed.
Outbound MMS Support
You can now send image files (such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF) directly through Slack.
Auto-create Slack Channel Permissions
The onboarding process has been simplified. Clerk can now automatically create a channel to make setup easier.
@June 18, 2020
Google Contacts & Hubspot Integrations
Google Contacts, which is built into Gmail, allows you to keep track of all your contacts and more. HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing software platform. You can now sync both Google & HubSpot contacts directly into Slack.
Updated UI
Say goodbye to cluttered message output and hello to a sleek and streamlined viewing experience with Clerk. Your messages are now easier to see and navigate, making for a much-improved viewing experience.
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